Malfaction "Crush the Dream"   

  • easily a contender for the grind "Album of the Year"

    Exclaim Magazine

  • this surely is the state of grindcore

Enough Fanzine

  • Highly recommended for the entire human race!

Friction Magazine

  • this stuff is BRUTAL with a capital BRUTAL


Made "Bedazzler"   

  • The recording quality and production on Bedazzler is great, but it still sounds delightfully cheap. I love this album. This is a great album. I've never heard anything exactly like it, and I love it.

  James Russell, Imprint

  • one of the more exciting out-of-nowhere major-label releases  in some time. "5 stars"

Roch Parisien,  All Music Guide

Blue Rodeo "Pine Ridge"  

  • Best single (of the year) is "Pine Ridge" by Greg Keelor.  Probably my favorite song of the 1990s.             

   EYE Magazine

The WeakerThans "Fallow" 

  •  "Best album of 1998"                                  


  • "one of the best ten albums of 1998"


  • "#50 on the CMJ top 200"


  • "The most important independent CD ever released by a Winnipeg band."


  • "one of the most honest, accurate depictions of 20-something restlessness and romantic malaise ever to come out of this country



Voivod "Negatron"  

  • #1 add at US aggressive Radio  Jan 95


  • 4 stars!                


  • "best album in years, an outstanding piece of work.                


  • "Best of 1995"             

Das Stahlwerk

  • "The most consistently compelling avant-metal of the past decade"     


  • Top 10  US  aggressive radio airplay 13 week

Hayden "Tree's Lounge"  

  •  " when Hayden's tattered , prosaic stories get it together  like on the theme for Steve Buschemi's brilliant film Tree's Lounge , they're timeless anthems of suburban paralysis"

      Spin Magazine  "Top 40 most vital artists in music today" April 97

 Sons Of  Otis "Temple Ball"   

  • "The heaviest band and the biggest sound. Templeball is one of the largest, heaviest  records I have ever heard" .

Roadburn U.S.

  • for those who like to get right into the stereo and be the'll feel like you're in a sensory deprivation tank.  

Eye magazine

  • a delicious blend of 1970s and 1990s heavy music. Awesome

NEWSHERALD Panama City, Florida

Now Magazine Reader's Poll 1997 

  • Daryn is voted Toronto's Best Recording Producer 

Now Magazine

Figgy Duff  "Downstream" 

  • "A superbly seductive piece of work - a fresh and thoroughly contemporary feel."               


  • Ethereal, haunting music, with heart and radio smarts" 

The Record, Canada

  • "Beautiful Lyrics, beautifully sung and arranged." 

Canadian Composer

Sons of Otis "Space Jumbo Fudge" 

  • "The biggest sounding Canadian disk I've heard . Sons Of Otis have combined the spacy trippiness of a psychedelic Nebulae, the hugeness of a jumbo gas giant, and the fudge-like denseness of a black hole's core in to a grotesque steamroller of bass-heavy riffs and mind expanding, out of body trip-fests".        


  • "Space rock the way God originally intended it to be; Hypnotic, psychedelic, raw bulldozer-rock."          .Jurgen van den Brand


  • "the heaviest dirge-filled doom rock you are ever going to hear. Mesmerizing."        

  Now Magazine


Philip Sayce "Philip Sayce"

  • Sounds like he's been stewing his strat tones for decades in an elixir of bourbon, peyote, and cheap perfume. Sayce is a promising new voice possessing a tough, psychedelic sound.

Guitar Player Magazine

Kat Rocket "Colours on the Inside" 

  •   a  huge, radio-friendly affair... sweet slices of sentimental  suburban escapism."                

Eye magazine

Voivod Kronik 

  • "Top 10 of 1998!"  

BNR Metal Pages

Jesus Christ/Jesus Christ 

  •   "The best Canadian album of the decade thus far"

  Martin Popoff

Riff Kills Man